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Wills, Probate & Administration of  Estates

  • If you Want to make a will

  • Have been appointed an executor in a deceased person’s will

  • Are the relative of a recently deceased person who has either left a will or left no will

  • Have been left property in someone’s will

  • Need any advice about a deceased person’s will or property

please contact us for confidential and clear advice and assistance.  

Every person who has property of any kind should make a will. The process is simple and relatively inexpensive. Even if you already have a will, it should be regularly reviewed to take account of any changes in your family or financial circumstances. For instance, many people may not be aware that a person’s marriage automatically revokes any will made by 
that person before their marriage.

Image by Mary Blackwey

Resolving the affairs and estate of a deceased person can involve dealings with many state agencies including the Revenue Commissioners, Court Services and Property Registration Authority. To ensure that these matters are attended to promptly and effectively, 
please contact us.

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