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Practice Areas

If you are seeking legal representation from a professional who will listen to your needs, explain to you in clear and understandable language how your business will be dealt with and handle your file personally rather than pass it to a legal executive, then you should contact us. Our main areas of expertise are:

Lawyer reading

Property Transactions

Seamus Roe & Co.


Wills, Probate & Admin of Estates

Seamus Roe & Co.

Image by Johnny Cohen

Personal Injuries

Seamus Roe & Co.

Physical Therapist

Court Work

Seamus Roe & Co.

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm

Criminal law

Seamus Roe & Co.

Crime Scene Tape

Family Law

Seamus Roe & Co.

Family Holiday

Employment law

Seamus Roe & Co.

Clothing Store Worker

Debt Recovery

Seamus Roe & Co.

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