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Family Law

Marriage and relationship breakdown is a very stressful and distressing situation. The law recognizes that all parties should make every effort to resolve their issues in an amicable and reasoned way. If the parties have dependent children, the best interests of those children are given first priority by the law. Family law cases are therefore different to other litigation and require understanding to be shown to all parties. However, if one or more parties are not behaving reasonably, court ordered solutions are required. We therefore provide services in

  • Separation Agreements

  • Judicial Separation Applications

  • Divorce Applications

  • Access and Custody Applications

  • Maintenance Applications

  • Guardianship Applications

  • Other applications regarding children (dispense with consent to issue of passport, defending care order applications, etc.)

Family with Tablet

We are members of the Civil Legal Aid Board’s District Court Private Practitioners Scheme – 
if you have been issued with a certificate from the Legal Aid Board under the scheme, please contact us. 

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