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Principal Solicitor

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Seamus Roe & Co. Solicitors

If you are seeking legal representation from a professional who will listen to your needs, explain to you in clear and understandable language how your business will be dealt with and handle your file personally rather than pass it to a legal executive, then you should contact us.

Our Practice Areas


Seamus Roe & Co.

For most people, buying a house is the most important transaction in financial terms that they will make in their lifetime. You need the security of knowing that your solicitor can explain the process clearly to you and offer a professional, cost effective and friendly service...


Personal Injuries

Seamus Roe & Co.

There are strict time limits governing such claims and legal requirements which must be followed if you are to be properly compensated and not have your claim dismissed.The insurance company or lawyer representing the other party will have significant...

Physical Therapist


Seamus Roe & Co.

Every person who has property of any kind should make a will. The process is simple and relatively inexpensive. Even if you already have a will, it should be regularly reviewed to take account of any changes in your family or financial circumstances...

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Court Work

Seamus Roe & Co.

We have successfully represented clients at all levels of the court system in Ireland. In particular, we regularly attend Ardee District Court and Dundalk Circuit and High Courts.

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Other Practice Areas

Seamus Roe & Co.

We also provide services in other practice areas such as Criminal Law, Family Law, Employment Law and Debt Recovery. Learn more on how we can help with these areas.

About Us

Seamus Roe & Co.

Seamus Roe has 30 years experience as a solicitor having qualified in 1993. He obtained an Honours LLB degree in Law from Trinity College Dublin in 1989 and subsequently studied at the Law Society of Ireland where he obtained his professional qualification. During that course, he...

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Seamus Portraits - Situational18.jpg
Ardee 030_2 (1).jpg
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